oct 2018 tangoThe Tango show “One Night in Buenos Aires” will come to the Centro de Usos Multiples next Saturday 20th october, with Arcos de Buenos Aires. This will be the fourth time that this company will have performed in Frigiliana and it was completely sold out in its  previous performances.

“One Night in Buenos Aires” is a refined show as well as delightful and dynamic. It is a show that combines all the old fashioned tangos with the “milongas” and waltzs of the most diverse styles, harmonized by the violinists Walter Oscar Tejeda Carranza and Laura Sanchez Garcia, in a very spectacular way, as well as the choreographers and dancers Jupa Arias and Esther Medina, prime figures of the National Argentinian Ballet.

This show directed by maestro Walter O. Tejeda Carranza has travelled to the best theatres in countries like Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. The aim of this show, performed in a unique, spectacular and innovative way, is the combination of visual music and live dancing.

Art lovers will have an extraordinary opportunity of living The Tango and being moved by the vibrant interpretation of it’s dedicated artists.

“Arcos de Buenos Aires” will come to Frigiliana on Saturday 20th of october 2018, at 20:00 hours to the Centro de Usos Multiples. The tickets, at a Price of 10€ will be available at the Frigiliana’s Tourist Office or on the day if there are any remaining ones.

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